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Do you want to use your data assets as a competitive advantage? Data alone does not create added value. The use case is decisive for the success of the project. However, it is often difficult to assess whether an idea can be implemented with existing resources. We help them figure out how they can benefit from data and AI technologies. Whether it's liquidity forecasting, identifying unusual events, revenue forecasting, or route and fleet planning, the use of statistical methods is ubiquitous. We show them different ways to use their data and advise them on project planning. Together we work out which technologies and resources are needed to implement the project. We are also happy to provide support during the implementation of the project. Any AI technology is only as good as the database it is based on. If you are interested in building an enterprise-wide data platform, we are happy to help you with that as well.



For Sanitas, the second largest healthcare provider in Spain, Algonaut is analyzing one of its digital offerings to identify interesting use cases that will then lead to the automation of processes in a next step. In this project, the Algonaut team uses artificial intelligence algorithms, as well as machine learning, to identify patterns and automate processes even with large amounts of data (Big Data).

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